How many eggs for each cricket female?

Hello in the books and posts I read, I found many different numbers about how many eggs a female acheta domesticus (house cricket) can make. Some say up to 3000 in the adult life. Some says 50-100 in their life. Some say 200. Some other say 100-200 every 2-3 days.

So, what's the right number, considering perfect conditions for them to mate and make eggs?

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    According to Patton (1963) "Rearing the house cricket Acheta domesticus on commercial feed" their average egg laying rate is between 1,200 & 1,500 eggs in anywhere from 4 to 5 weeks once start. I have seen more recent reports that females lay more eggs if males are robust/bigger & less eggs when have parasites.

    Acheta domesticus seminal fluid has some prostaglandin E2 produced in the testes that ends up where females accumulate sperm (spermatheca). Multiple matings means more prostaglandin for a female.

    Apparently this induces the female to then make more of her own prostaglandin E2 Since prostagladin is involved in insect immunology the larger males synthesize it best.

    Prostaglandin is an activator of internal chamber nerves of female genitalia. It influences mated female Acheta domesticus egg production rate & also how long they lay eggs.

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