Processing Crickets

Hello everyone. I have a few questions about processing crickets into flour.

1- What's the best time to harvest them? (we wanna keep on having eggs coming so I think the right time is 30/40 days after they became adults?)

2- in some literature there is written that we should first freeze them to induce mortality - but in others they say that we should boil them before the freezing to kill bacteria and avoid health issues. What's the right procedure? What's the right order of operations being at the same time efficient (cost-effective) + providing great quality + preserving health conditions (no risks)

3- before grounding the crickets with a mill, we should dry them with a food drier. What's the best temperature and time to get them ready for the mill?

4- much of the literature says that 20% of crickets are not digestible. Is that correct? Do you get legs, intestine, antennas or other parts off before transforming them into powder?

Hope to hear what you discovered so far on these issues. Thanks a lot.


  • Hi @GringoJay do you have any insight for me/us about these questions? Thank you a lot!

  • Hi ale, - I don't rear crickets so have no data to provide & hoped another would give you personal experiences. The Forum has a search function bar at right side of page (choose "web" version bottom left page option).

    A lot of your questions seem similar to Forum threads, For example, insecnology reported in earlier thread that crickets ... "At 65º-70º C they dehydrate in 12 hours (full dehydrator, 10 kilos of fresh crickets) smell and taste is good." Also see "Microbiological aspects of processing and storage of edible insects"; free full link = ... Entojesse froze & then boiled his crickets.

    Some proportions of the inedible portions is also searchable. Milling comes up in more than one thead.

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