Mealworm frass use

I've tried using my mealworm frass on my indoor plants by putting 1 cup frass in 1 gallon of water...but the frass doesn't seem to dissolve. So I end up with a bunch at the bottom that doesn't make it into the pots.

Is there a better way to dissolve it? I'm trying to understand the application methods that I could then market to others. I've thought about just sprinkling the frass into the pot, but that involves touching the frass.

Any ideas?


  • Hi, - Recent patent suggests percolating water .... "Methods to convert mealworm castings to organic fertilizer"; link =

    Forum thread "(Mealworm waste (frass)" has some comments on (2003) "Study on the Fertilizer Efficiency of the Frass of Tenebrio Molitor";

    Authors make the point that the frass must be composted 1st for 1.5 weeks & then for each 1 part of the frass muck it needs to be blended with 40 parts of friable (sandy, not clay) soil.

    While on the subject: as a pure nitrogen fertilizer see "Positive and negative impacts of insect frass quality on soil nitrogen availability and plant growth";

    Quote: "... frass was roughly ground because individual frass pellets had cohered with each other during drying ... first week of the incubation ... roughly ... decomposition ... 35-40% of initial frass ... insect frass contains ... labile C, which ... stimulate ... microbial decomposers ... both NH4+-N and NO3--N decreased ... during the first 7 days ... due to microbial immobilization, denitrification, and ammonia volatilization ... plants and soil microbes compete for N in soil ... soil microbes ... superior in competition to plants for inorganic N in conditions of abundant C (carbon) ... available N ... immobilized ... in microbial tissue ... (can result in less than anticipated) ... plant uptake of ... N ... plant biomass increased when 2.0 g of frass was added, but did not change when 0.5 g of frass was added, indicating that there is a threshold in insect frass loadings that affect plant growth ...."

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