New farm, markets, self introduction, Baltimore MD

Hi all,

My name is Sam and I've more or less finished my business plan on starting a mealworm farm in Baltimore, MD. One of the crucial portions that is underdeveloped is the section that details where I will be selling my product. I'm familiar with their potential in animal feed, which is the direction I'd like to end up going, but with economies of scale and low margins in that sector, I wouldn't be able to compete at the smaller start-up scale. Other than live worm sales, dried mealworm retail sales, does anyone have any suggestions as to who would be interested in bulk purchases of mealworms? I'd like to try feed stores like Southern States, PetSmart, PetCo etc., but also small scale aquaculture facilities and small poultry farms. Does anyone have any experience selling to places like this?

A bit more about me: I used to be in the hydroponics industry, but if any of you are familiar, it's becoming extremely saturated with the same ideas and vertical farming failures. I decided it wasn't solving the main problem I wanted to solve, which for me is food security in a world with growing population, less land for food etc. Insects for both human consumption and as a replacement for fishmeal or other PAP seems like it's going to have a much larger impact than folks growing tons of lettuce.

I will be operating out of Baltimore, MD. Anyone else from/operating on the Eastern Seaboard?

Thank you for being active on this forum, and I look forward to participating in many discussions!


Sam G.

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