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Anyone know what this is? A bettle infestation in one of my cricket brooders?

Does anybody recognize this critter (apologies for the poor image)? Presumably, it is some sort of beetle which is reddish brown and about half a centimeter long. I found a number of them in the bottom of one of my cricket brooders. They seem to like to burrow in the frass. When I agitate the frass, this beetle temporarily appears, and then it hides back into the shade.

Does anyone know of any risks associated with these or know ways to get rid of them or prevent them in the future?

CheersBeetle Frass


  • it's hard to see from the picture, but I would guess it's a confused grain beetle, which can infest dry grain feed. If that's the case it probably came in with the feed, and it shouldn't cause any problems.

  • Thanks Jena. I google grain beetle, and I think you are right. They look the same as what I have found.

    Much thanks!

  • Yes, it is grain beetle. A few days before I saw this grain beetle in the backyard of my garden. I had called up pest control Antioch CA experts where they had gone through heating treatment about 120 degrees F for about 2 hours. After the treatment the beetles were infested properly.

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