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Kelly was Marshall's aggressive at Duke, but now it's simple to like him."Every time on the court, he tells me to shoot it if he passes," Kelly said.

"And that's consistently a nice affair to Madden NFL 18 Coins hear. I don't shoot it every time, but that's the aplomb you wish to be accustomed from your point guard. That's something special."In the Lakers' locker room, Marshall will accomplish every ability not to allocution about himself. He's on a aggregation that has absent six beeline games, 12 of its endure 14 and 18 of its endure 21.

To reporters, he is the ablaze spot, the success story. As they access and alert him to allocution about what he's been doing, he will acclaim his teammates and coaches for accepting so welcoming.When he's done demography questions about his abnormal adventure and perseverance, he'll put his headphones on.

You adeptness apprehend him rapping forth to MUT 18 Coins a song declared "No Canicule Off." Marshall hasn't abandoned any of the accomplish that led him here, and he'll do all he can to breach breadth he is.More from SB Nation NBA:? The Hook

The (dishonest) banking case to breach in school? NBA newsletter: Acceptable morning, Joel Embiid is affliction the NBA? The Lakers' bad activity on Steve Nash | Cast Away?? J.J.

Redick is Doc's new weapon of choice? Ziller: The 30 bigger moments of David Stern's careerGood morning, the Wizards acquire fabricated it SIGN UP FOR OUR NBA NEWSLETTER Get news, links and Ziller's hottakes in your inbox every weekday morning.

Acceptable morning. Let's basketball.ZARD UP: For the aboriginal time ashamed Halloween 2009 -- four years and three months ago -- theWashington Wizards are aloft .500.

That the aggregation got there with wins over the Thunder and Blazers is par for the course. On Monday, Washington captivated the league's best offense, Portland, to 90 credibility in 93 possessions. And afterwards the game, the team's Twittererthrew some adumbration at the Blazers' Twitterer for a antic fabricated two months ago.

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