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Crickets vs. grasshoppers?

I've seen tons of information on raising crickets and none on grasshoppers. From my research, it doesn't even seem like grasshoppers are commercially available. Why is that? It seems like, being a lot larger, grasshoppers would be more bang for your buck. You could put them on skewers to cook, which seems impossible with crickets because they're so small. Is there a reason grasshoppers aren't sold? And have there been any comparative studies on the nutritional benefits of the two?


  • I would like to know the answer to this

  • edited April 2017

    Forum thread "Data Resources" may have some data like this. Am on tablet screen so pesky to look at sideways charts of those references. I think recall at least one cited grasshoppers or locust & cricket data can readily be found; of course the distinction is which kind of specific cricket/grasshopper/locust you are looking at.

  • grasshoppers are delicious and very good nutritional balance, and more widely raised in Europe and Israel. USDA APHIS restricts commercial rearing of grasshoppers in the US because they are a pest species (eat commercially and or environmentally important crops). Hargol FoodTech rear grasshoppers commercially in Israel and may be willing to share some of that information with you

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