Reducing noise caused by crickets?

Hi all, I'm very interested in breeding crickets for human consumption. I have heard they only make the chirping noises during breeding, and since I will be starting a colony, I imagine that noise is going to be quite loud. I have a shed to put them in, but haven't decided what kind of set up I will use (storage containers etc). I can close the shed door, but I'm not sure that will do the job. Does anyone know what else I can do to kind of soundproof the room?



  • @Backtobasics - even with tens of thousands of breeders the noise will be mostly muted by a shed walls - particularly if insulated which you'll want to save on heating costs

  • @andrew ok good to know. I live in Australia though, so heating isn't the problem, keeping them from over-heating is the problem

  • @Backtobasics - You should still insulate! It works both ways - to keep heat in or out, and minimize supplemental cooling

  • @andrew very interesting thank you. What form of insulation would you have in mind? I'm not able to spend a lot so I don't need the absolute best

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