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Denmark are ready to consume insects - If you have the right documents for approval

Hi insect fellows,

My team and i have a company in Denmark, called Crickster. See:

Currently we are ready to produce an energibar containing Cricket powder. The problem is we still need a supplier of Cricket powder that have the right documents so we can get an approval from the Danish veterinary and food administration that allow us to sell from Denmark.

We are also prototyping different products and recipes with whole insects.

  • House cricket
  • Grashopper
  • meal work
  • buffalo meal worm

Here is what the Danish veterinary and food administration needs before they want to allow us selling. If you have the documents or know some who have, pls help me and the team :-)

A laboratory test reveals the following questions: - The micro biological pollution including the pathogens and chemical pollution (pesticides, heavy metal etc.). - Natural toxics compounds that are formed during storing

They also asks for documentation for: - Any cancer causing materials that are formed during fabrication/processing - Spillover from other materials - Unintended leftover traces of detergents during processing - Additives in the product - Antibiotics - Risk analysis of the production - Simple flowchart of the production - Description of the production method

Besides that, they want information about the production process. Such as an ISO-certificate, e.g. ISO22000?"

Great day to everyone!


  • Hi. I am from germany and it's not easy to get the documents i think. Was asking the officials and they told me a laboratory test costs between 2500€ and 5000€. And i think you need one for every product -.-

  • Hi Carni, Thanks for info.

    Do you know if there is any one who have got the approval in Germany?

  • There are 2 or 3 online shops in germany that sell Insects as food. I asked them how they are able to sell their products but they didnt want to tell me the details. Seems to be some kind of gap in the law, very unofficial and dependent on the officials in the region. They seem to import the insects from a country where it's allowed to eat insects and also get some kind of veterinary document of the insects. Still, it's not official allowed in germany, need to wait till next year, a new novel food law will come then.

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