Mealworm eggs wont hatch

INTRO: I am attempting to breed meal worms for the second time. This time am attempting to breed at a large scale human consumption quality and quantity. My first time was at a small scale and was an absolute failure. This time with more planning and prep I am really motivated to at least get a 2nd generation going.
SET UP: I have (3) 15"x30" plastic tubs stacked on one another. The bottom tub where I keep the spent wheat bran, frass and hopefully eggs! is heated with heat tape to a temp of 82F the middle tub is where the beetles and are kept with wheat bran and veg/fruits Top tub houses the pupas. PROCESS: Ideally after the eggs hatch and I see some sign of life in the bottom tub I would move the baby meals to a "rearing tub" and start the process all over again every 2 weeks - month remove the beetles from the second tub in the stack PROBLEM: I have had this method going since Beginning November and have absolutely no signs of life. The beetles are active and look healthy with the occasional loss of a couple of beetles a week.
QUESTIONS: Do eggs need a certain humidity level to hatch? Also I live in Sante Fe NM , the elevation here is 7400ft above sea level could that have any kind of affect on the hatching process? -Thanks


  • Yes, humidity needs to be higher than a standard living condition level for humans. Search this forum (use the web version of the site, a search window will be on the right) and you'll find tons of threads and reference material.

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