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Hello, I'm starting up an llc around some innovative candy insects, but I need some packaging for my products. I need mainly boxes that are the same size that Hotlix uses for their crickeettes or larvetes. If you are not familiar with these the sweetheart candy heart boxes are the same size. I am wondering where can I order boxes of this size for my company. any suggestions? all answers appreciated.


  • @jkmear - check out ULine they have quite an extensive range of packaging, including food safe. Stand Up Pouches are particularly popular for early stage packaging while you're developing your product and branding because they're reasonably affordable in low volumes and easy to hand-pack in a commercial kitchen environment. Once you reach larger volumes of production then you'll want to move on to packaging that can be mechanically filled and potentially vacuum sealed.

    While developing your product, you'll also want to be sure to run shelf-life testing - @Mark may be able to pitch in on best practices for going about that. You'll need to hit the right balance of water activity in your product to remain shelf-stable, which will be based on the amount of moisture in the product, and the amount of salts and sugar keeping it bound up. Using small desiccant packs like you find in beef jerky bags (like these can also help keep products shelf stable for longer.

  • Hi jkmear - Without more precise detail on your product I hope the following is relevant. ...Product shelf life is longer when pH is low. Edible acids include lactic/citric/malic/fumaric/phosphoric/sulfuric/succinic; they may influence product taste differently & can be used blended....Citric acid is common things like lozenges & gives them the sweetly sour taste. Lactic acid may be more compatible with the taste you trying to create....Acid is usually enough when added to get a dry storage type of product (as opposed to something stored floating) to less than 4.5 pH & getting down to less than 4.1 pH might turn out better. A minimum of 0.1% to no more than 3.5% acid is usually employed on a weight to weight calculation to the fluid content in the product....Let's say you are using a candying syrup (for reference commercially sold sugar syrup is often between 4.5-5.5 pH) to sweet coat your insect before drying the product. Take a small sample of your own sugar solution & add 10 times the volume of distilled or reverse osmosis water to get a more fluid working solution. Progressively add in your chosen acid until you get the pH your are seeking. This is then your guide to know how much of your chosen acid is needed to add to that batch size ; just be sure to adjust your calculation to account for the proportion of dilution you used to calibrate the acid ratio. Keep notes & you'll be able to work up some standard formulas.... Also antimicrobials add to shelf life. Food industry approved include acids/salts of benzoic/propionic/acetic, as well as sorbic acid & oxides of both ethylene or propylene. Consider a minimum of 0.03% to no more than 4% on a weight to weight calculation to the fluid content in the product; 0.1% of an antimicrobial agent might be a better proportion to start out experimenting with if your time is limited (likewise if time limited a reasonable acid proportion to start out experimenting with might be 0.5% of edible acid.)

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