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Crickets dieing for no obvious reason

Hey guys, so I have been trying to farm crickets in 70L plastic boxes with egg trays, chicken feed and I give them water by soaking a cellulose cloth in water, changing every few days. The temperature is around 30 C, humidity is around 50% and I put around 5000 pin heads in one box. They survive really well for the first 15 days but then suddenly many starts to die off for now obvious reasons and at the end maybe only 40% of them remains. Do you guys have any suggestion that I can look into? Thanks a lot!


  • edited January 2017

    Hi Pawnian, - My 1st inclination is to assume those dying are succumbing to parasites/pathogenic fungus. This has been broached elsewhere in the Forum (there is a search function box here in "Web" version, if you are using "Mobile" version & don't see search rectangle).

    Andrew pointed out that basic heat treatment of the feed may not be enough to kill certain spores. He suggested performing additional decontamination after initial heat treatment.

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