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Medium grind Blue cornmeal/mealworms

Does anyone know if the larvae (all instars) and beetles of T. molitor can consume medium grind Blue cornmeal or is it too course/hard?



  • Hi JButera, - Corn germ that has not been previously autoclaved or defatted corn germ can slow mealworm growth according to Lipke & Fraenkel's (1955) "The toxicity of corn germ to the mealworm, Tenebrio molitor''. A "corn Hageman factor inhibitor" inhibits yellow mealworm class "ix-amylase" enzymes. However, survival rate of larvae fed corn was 83.5%, which is close to the 86.5% survival rate of those fed wheat according to Manojilovic, et al.'s (1988) "Influence of food and temperature on post-embryonal survival of yellow mealworm .... ''

    Blue corn varieties can be softer or harder. For early instars the harder kind in medium grind may be difficult to make full use of & although eat the utilization of what given can be less than if presented more ground up.

    Are you in a corn farming location? Corn stalks/straw have been fed to mealworms. See (2011) "Effects of feeding corn stalks on economic indicators of Tenebrio molitor" .

  • Thanks gringojay, I'll look up those papers.

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