Eating cricket eggs?


I've heard some ants eggs are a delicacy and was wondering - trying to control my cricket colony - has anybody tried to eat cricket eggs somehow or can point me to a direction where I can find information :)

Thank you very much!




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    Crickets pregnant with eggs were once sold in professional packaging based on them being a north eastern Thailand premium value kind of cricket item. In the past the people of NE Thailand were the most likely Thais to be buying/eating edible insects so they would likely know specific delicacies. Currently the modern company that packaged those crickets with eggs does not market that product, although I am not sure if this was for unprofitability among the target western client base or technical issues. See the readable label of that product via

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    If you are tired of regularly visiting a pet store for more crickets, raising your own is an option. With some preparation you can create a self-sustaining colony that requires little upkeep and a limitless supply of crickets.

  • we have tried eating the eggs, they do not have much flavor

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