Making cricket flour

Does anyone know what kind of mill I should purchase in order to make cricket flour? Also, what should the consistency of the four feel like? Is this flour supposed to be moist?



  • Hi Nello, - I had hoped someone rearing crickets would have responded to you, since I don't work with crickets. If you use the Forum search function you will find some prior discussions about cricket "flour".

    Forum threads = "Better cricket powder processing--The path to a cheaper, safer, more nutritious cricket powder" ... "Grinding insects for flour" ... "Equipment for grinding into flour?" ... "Cricket Processing Equipment Discussion"

    I would dry the crickets first; moisture in food kept without refrigeration favors the growth of micro-organisms. Most seem to oven dry them, although freezing also de-hydrates cells.

    For home scale operations it may actually be best to both oven dry the crickets in order to kill most micro-organisms & then freeze them. My thinking is that way when you subject them to milling they will be frozen & they may shatter to (?) grind finer - without having to use a "hammer mill" (these are costly). However, I have no direct experience with cricket flour; but for smooth presentation & taste experience aesthetic use I assume you don't want the consistency to include chunks or chip pieces.

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