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Output quantity of mealworm farm

I'm thinking about starting a mealworm farm just for my own consumption. One thing I'm not seeing anywhere is the brood quantity necessary to pull that off in a sustainable way.

For example, how many would you need in your farm in order to have one serving per day, without reducing their population over time? What size containers would you need in order to house that many?



  • Hi EntoAaron, - What is your concept of 1 a day mealworm ingredient meal?

  • Hmm good question. How about Mealworm Fried Rice? It estimates half a cup of mealworms for 1 serving.

  • Hi EntoAaron, - Production output will vary with how closely one keeps temperature, humidity & diet factors maximized. I will give my result for your orientation, but please understand I do not rear the larvae under ideal temperature or humidity. While I do rear breeding adult beetles under close to ideal temperature & humidity.

    From 200 adult un-sexed mealworm beetles approximately in 10 days I get their eggs by picking the beetles out of wheat bran. Their mating bin is about 6 inches by 11inches plastic container. For a while the cleared out bran container stays in the same climate controlled "tent" (pictured elsewhere in Forum) until new born larvae grow big enough to get transfered into meshed TinyFarm grow bag.

    Those eggs develop in wheat bran in sequential time & spacing staggered rack of grow bags (pictured elsewhere in Forum). I harvest the entire contents of a grow bag, irregardless of visible larval size variability, once enough of the larvae exhibit " wandering" into the upper nooks & folds of the grow bag. This catches them before many change into pupae.

    Yield can best be reported as follows. The amount of mature larvae in 1 of my rearing conditions grow bag after cleaning, washing, boiling (described elsewhere in Forum) & draining fills about a 2 cup (500 ml) measure. Since they are no longer alive the larvae in that volume are essentially densely packed; I never tried to established their fresh volume when still living.

    Translating 1 of my grow bag production into a week's supply I'd get 0.3 cups a day for 1 week.

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