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substrate for mealworms

I wonder if anyone can help me. I use wheat bran and semi-crushed oats for substrate- bought from the local mill at £9.00 per 20kilo bag. Since I have a huge surplus of mealworms I am advertising in the local shop window. My problem is in sifting out the oat husks. For the moment I put in folded newspaper for the stock to crawl into then transfer to a container of wheat bran, then I can sell them clean. This isn't ideal, so I am wondering if I can do away with the oats altogether and provide future stock with just wheat bran. Would this be detrimental to my stock and, if so, why?



  • Hi lincdales, - My mealwoms complete their life cycle & produce fertile adults fed wheat bran & some carrot pulp only. Whether adding oats would improve development or weight at time of sale I can not say.

    Since you are not rearing larvae for compounding into a refined product with an established nutritional composition then I don't see any reason why you can not alter their diet. Although I do not have handy the specific research to cite I recall that "yellow"T.molito mealworm larvae seem to be genetically inclined to have approximtely the same fat content irregardless of diet.

    What can change, based on diet, are the proportions of different kinds of lipids (fats) that comprise their total fat. Likewise, the diet can influence the % of different amino acids in the larval protein portion. Unlike the way mealworm larvae keep their late instar fat content within a narrow range I am not able to say whether their protein content stays similar no matter how much protein is in their diet.

  • Thank you, that answers my question. My next generation will be bedded in wheat bran alone. Incidentally, they have been getting their moisture from apples for some time now due to the glut of this fruit but I am wondering what to use when that FREE supply runs out

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