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Live healthy crickets for sale

These have been the mainstay of commercial insect production for decades and are still the preferred food for birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish and insectivorous mammals and invertebrates. They are fast growing, reaching maturity in just six weeks at ideal temperatures, nutritious when raised on the appropriate diet, hardy and relatively easy to handle. Email;:



  • Only one problem is the viruses, for me at least I have been unable to breed crickets across many different attempts for this reason, and of course this can heavily impact the practicality of breeding house crickets in big colonies which could inexplicably collapse entirely rapidly and leave people in financial ruin. Banded crickets would be best, but I still couldn’t even breed them with everything they needed laid out for them. Now I am just self-pitying, roaches are better though, maybe not as much for eating (depends, also much more disgusted my general people) but much much better for hardiness and ease of raising. If you don’t want to eat roaches or can’t make money off roach products banded crickets should be considered though you might have issues selling them unfortunately. I talk like I know but I haven’t even sold or eaten my insects yet after a year, I tell myself it’s just to start the colonies up, but I could always just freeze, boil, dehydrate, and grind a few non-blatta (oriental or turkestan) or other smelly roaches into a 70% protein powder. I am going to stop now I have pitied myself and rambled long enough.

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