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Japanese Beetle Farming and Edibility

I'm wondering if Japanese Beetle are useable as a Human Food source and if so how would one go about the process of farming them?


  • Hi Kscottb, - The Japanese beetle is a scarab beetle family Scarabaeidae, called Popillia japonica. The scarab beetles are edible.

    Budenheimer in his 1951 book "Insects as Human Food" reported in Cameroon lots of Popillia scarb beetles collected for eating. However, he specified that most of the Popillia beetles in their baskets were adult Popillia femoralis (this beetle was given that name by Klug in 1835 & in 1838 called P. olea by Newman, in 1851 called P.viridissima by Blanchard, in 1858 called P. immatura by Thompson & in 1897 called P. lucidicollis by Ohaus).

    What I think is that the Popillia japonica will not taste well & the adult Popillia femoralis tastes better. I have not found a picture on-line of the P. femoralis to get an identification method for comparison to the Japanese beetle. DeFoliart in 2002 also reported that the Popillia sub-species are edible.

    Other kinds of scarab beetles than Popillia are eaten in Nigeria, Congo, Zimbabwae & SouthAfrica. Those scarab beetle larvae are fried & often seasoned, with some reportedly tasting good.

  • @kscottb - I recommend looking up the "Missouri Entomophagy" facebook group. I believe I have seen talk about preparing japanese beetles there.

  • Thanks, my area get dozens by the dozens flying about during the summer months and they seem to practically land in my hands or crash into my bbq, so I began to wonder if they would be both safe and edible, thanks you for your comments and I will most definitely check out the fb group

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