Looking for UK / Europe based supplier fo cricket and mealworm flour

Hi - we are looking for a supplier of cricket & mealworm flours for the development of our protein bars destined for shipment into China as a healthy kids snack food.

The supplier must be based in Europe, ideally located in the UK - but UK based suppliers are few and far between.

Bars will be manufactured and packaged in the UK, before being sent abroad.

If you are able to help us please send us details of your wholesale prices and lead times for supply. If you are a small farmer please send details of your plans for scale. We are looking for a long term partner that will grow with us as we develop further products.

In addition if you are an existing manufacturer of insect based bars, then please get in touch as we would like to consider purchasing and repackaging for the China market.

You can get in touch with me in the UK on 07931 590729 / james AT chinaislimitless.com

I look forward to hearing from you.

James Nash

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