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  • Hello Folks. My name is Kelli. I am an occupational therapist by trade and came to that later in life (didn't start that college stint until I was 30) I've been working in that field for the last 15 years and while I Love working with the people/patients I work with, I have grown weary of the health care trade. A while back I was looking into aquaponics but felt commercially the challenges were too great for me. Last week, a friend and I were discussing mealworms and their ability to digest styrofoam, when I asked him if he had heard of the woman in France producing pasta from cricket flour and that she couldn't keep it in stock. That's when we hit on starting a commercial food-grade insect farm. I am highly motivated to build a farm in the Mohawk Valley in beautiful upstate NY. I have been reading all I can about crickets, raising them, and commercially farming them. I am so happy to come across this forum and look forward to learning from and hopefully adding to the discussions here. I welcome any feedback or advice on this endeavor and hope to become someone that can contribute to the knowledge base and innovations of commercially farming insects and supplying them to producers. Thanks for having me.

  • Welcome @Kelli, I hope you find this to be a good resource. Depending on the scale at which you plan to produce, you may also want to contact us at Tiny Farms about our commercial production model (

  • Hi All,,, Just wanted to say hello - freshest entry from germany, but in the mean time more world citizen than anything else. very interested in this topic, however on a newbie level. Will bug you with many questions....

    thanks for all who made this platform possible - appreciated!

  • Hi buglovers! This is Bart, from Belgium. My wife and i are very interested in sustainable, organic and healthy food. I'm raising crickets since some weeks now and thousands and thousands get born every day now. Exciting! Great platform! Hope to talk more with all of you soon!

  • Hey bug-lovers! I am Jim, from a really small town near Madison Indiana, Have been meal worm grower for 8-9 months, and ready to take it to the next level. I originally started to feed my chickens, but soon learned fishermen and reptile owners are eager to buy my worms. Right now I have 12 bins and I think I'm on my 10th colony. Started with 1000but now at 20000. Life is good, growing worms is great

  • Greetings. I'm Austin originally from Minnesota. I spent the past ten years aging too quickly while running finance and big data teams in Europe. In an effort to avoid a heart attack before the age of 40, I quit my job and moved to a small farm in Oregon. I've had fun dabbling in raising insects and plan to invest in a facility and start selling them commercially. They are just too tasty to not share. Love the forum. Looking forward to being an active participant.

  • @austin, welcome, we look forward to your participation and supporting in whatever way we can your endeavors!

  • Hey, My name is Ili Miskolczi, i live in Hungary. I am dedicated for healthy and fit lifestyle. Since a year ago i heard abt edible insects. A week ago i got 500 little crickets, so its all started in a small size. My target would be to farm them for commercial. I am really in the start, and feeling greatfull that i found OpenBugFarm, so much information here! Looking forward to be the part of this comminity, thanks.

  • Hi my name is Mark and I live in Brisbane, Australia. I moved here from Yorkshire in England to be with my Australian wife. I'm currently researching what I need to open a cricket farm here. I am a complete novice but believe we need to think long term in terms of sustainability and this is a great protein research. Looking to learn as much as I can and there's some great discussions on here already.

  • Hello one and all, my name is Joe. I'm from Birmingham, UK. I have been a strong believer in insect farming and the need for more sustainable food sources for as long as I can remember. I currently run a modest sized cricket farm here in the UK. I'm hoping to gain useful contacts and benefit from being part of this great community. Please get in touch for questions, support, or even just to say hi.

  • Hello everyone. Glad to meet you all.

  • Hi to every one. Joined site to learn about farming palm weevils in Thailand. I will use any info to help my wife to start farming weevils. I am doing this so if anything happens to me she will have a sustainable income.

  • Hi everyone, my name is Robert. I am a biologist from Switzerland intending to go into the insect farming business. I intend to do this for two reasons: Firstly, I believe insect farming is gonna help us overcome some of the most challenging issues regarding feeding the world and secondly, I believe that you can even make money with it $-)

    Currently I am in the initial reading & thinking phase, figuring out whats actually allowed in Switzerland and what's not. It turns out that in Switzerand it's currently not allowed to sell insects for human consumption, however you can buy and eat them at certain stores at your own risk (and its legal). However the law will be updated very soon and the 2nd biggest retailer intends to bring some insect food products to market at the beginning of 2017. Switzerland intends to initially allow the following 3 species for farming: Tenebrio molitor, Acheta domesticus and Locusta migratoria. The problem is, that the new law only allows for insects to be sold as the whole animal. Thus having an approach to produce insects for feed or processed for food will not be allowed. Personally, I think this is stupid as studies have shown, that people are very much willing to eat insects and favor insect feed due to its better environmental impact but many of them don't want to eat the actual insect as a whole....Well, maybe this will be updated later on.

    Sorry for the long post, just so stoked about the ideas and possibilities and I wanted to use the opportunity to thank everybody who is/has been contributing to this website. It's superuseful and I will spend the next hours/days/weeks on it for sure.

    Cheers, Bob

  • Hey everyone, i hope this forum is still active, or is there a more active one?

    I am 32 years old, ive in Germany and am working as a zoo keeper. Now i actually decided to start an insect farm (been thinking about that quite a while alrady). At first i'll do it in my freetime but i hope it goes well and that i can live from it one day ,) Still at the planning phase, doing alot of research and buying/building some stuff to get started. But i will open another thread about that in the next days because i have some questions and i got the impression that we have alot of experts on this forum.

  • Welcome @Carni, as well as the rest who have joined in the last few months! The forum is certainly active, and we look forward to helping answer your questions

  • Hi, I am Donovan Klein from Calgary, Alberta. I am 22 years old, I have been a reptile enthusiast for years and have just gotten into the bug farming business with my father, we are planning on producing live crickets for reptile food, and producing cricket flour for both Cat/Dog food and human consumption. We are also looking into producing Darkling Beetles (More specifically the larvae I suppose), Silk Worms, Horn Worms, and Black Soldier Flies. Looking forward to being a part of the community.

  • Heyo.. I'm Scott from Central Florida. I have 7 egg-laying chickens and a loud-mouthed Peking duck in my backyard. They all love to eat dried mealworms, but I hate paying for them. I purchased a few thousand live worms off of Amazon almost a year ago, attempting to start my own mealworm farm. I went through a generation and a half before they all died or were eaten by dastardly raccoons. Last month I decided to reinvest in my farm. I did more research, purchased 5k worms (and 250 supers), and am now keeping them in my garage. I now have a mixture of egg-laying beetles, pupae by the hundreds each day, and mature larvae with zero dead worms. My next venture is to prepare my farm for expansion so I can begin selling them to local customers like me who are tired of buying dried mealworms.

  • Hi all, my name is Austin and I'm in the Sacramento area of California. I'm a community college student who is a pescetarian for functional purposes though I've long been interested in entomophagy, as eating insects is environmentally more beign than even eating tilapia or carp for example.

  • Hi, edram from the Philippines, I so happy and excited to be part of your tiny farm projects... I would like to know some suggetion to know some information regarding meal worm farm... thank you...

  • Hi, i'm Linzi i'm from the a sleepy town called wisbech in the UK, i'm a pet carer mainly dog sitting service, micro-chipping service. i'm looking into a new venture and cricket farming is what i've got in mind. i'm researching on everything from setup to selling the crickets. Any help advise would be good. Thanks Linzi

  • Hi Everyone - Im Peter from deepest darkest Dorset in the UK. Im very interested in cricket farming as a sustainable future protein source and have just started my first batch of crickets at home - will run them through a few breeding cycles before using for human consumption but hope to find a wealth of knowledge on this site. Thanks for all the input

  • Welcome folks!

  • Hi, I'm Andreas and I'm working in a lab at the University of Frankfurt, Germany. One of my Jobs there is to rear waxmoths, (we use them for toxidity-test and as a host for nematodes) so I will have a lot of questions about this. Sometimes I also work with other insects like crickets or Manduca sexta. I'm also very interested in Insects as food for human consumption and I hope to find a lot of recipes here.

  • Hello guyes, I am new here

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  • edited March 5

    )Hi - I want to grow house roaches for biodiesel and i want to build Dubia bins to eat cow manure. I'd like opinions on the latter.

    I have a picture of insect fat if it shows below.

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