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  • Hi everyone! I'm Mike from Rhode Island. I've been researching insect farming and entomophagy for several months now in preparation for raising and harvesting A. domesticus crickets for consumption. I've always been attracted to the idea of sustainable farming practices and had been considering putting my Marine Biology degree to use and working with fish. It then dawned on me that crickets require much less space and energy and produce much less waste. My goals are to begin small but hopefully contribute to the cause on a much larger level with a farm here in the northeast US.

  • @MikeinRI welcome to the forum! Look forward to you input and questions!

  • @Entojesse - I was in the region for 8 months. I saw a couple different "farms". The one that was industrial scale was growing grubs/larvae. I saw a home growing a lot of crickets in his backyard to sell at the market. It wasn't common place in the city I set up in and I also realized a couple months in I wasn't going to be able to achieve what I wanted in the time frame I gave myself.

    @lucasrockwood - Part of the reason docs like "Super Size Me" and "Gasland" are so popular is that they connect on a human level. It's just my thought, but I think if you want to make a movie on the benefits of entomology, you need to go to the communities where this is common place and show the richness in the life of the people. It doesn't have to be all villagers in the third world, you can talk to chefs and restaurant owners, farmers, doctors and educators all around the world. Obviously this would require a budget, but that's the type of project I'd be happy to help out with.

  • Hello from Lawrence, KS, USA. My name is Matt and my girlfriend Katie and I are actively starting to raise crickets for personal consumption and commercial distrobution. We look forward to using and contributing to this great resource. Thanks everyone!

  • @schwaby - welcome to the forum! look forward to your input and hope our community can help answer your questions as they arise!

  • Hi There,

    I'm Aaron from Seattle. I'm a recently retired firefighter. I'm also an outdoors enthusiast with a fascination for expanding my knowledge of naturally occurring foods of the Pacific Northwest.

    In my efforts to learn more about edible insects here in my area, I came upon your site. I'm anxious to educate myself further, and am very interested in possibly starting my own cricket farm for personal consumption. Does anyone have a recommendation regarding where I might get my startup stock, once I'm ready?



  • Hello Folks,

    I'm really excited to find this forum. My day job is major projects funding, but, I'm really tired of the stress and tension that come along with it. So, I have decided to become a farmer. My family has been in traditional farming for over three decades. I was thinking about beef ranching, till I saw this option. Currently, I working on a small aquaponics project as a hobby for my home food production, and I would like to add insects to that as well. I'm not a stranger to eating insects, when you have farms for over 30 years and you get swarms of locusts we treat that as a gift from God, the nets come out and we catch as many as we can, then its roasted locust kebab time. They're delicious. Will my Red headed Blue eyed Canadian wife try them, I don't know, but she has surprised me before.

    In case you are wondering, I am an amateur "PREPPER" which is why I have chosen sustainable food solutions for my family and my own home.

    Will this solve World Hunger, I don't know, but it's a step in the right direction. As long as we can keep the greedy big corporate interests out of it.

    Stop by, Say Hi, Share some ideas. Peace & Love to all.

  • @aamir101 - welcome to the community, look forward to your input!

  • @retiredFF welcome aboard. You can usually source starter stock from major pet feed suppliers (flukers, armstrong, top hat, etc..). check out the info on the wiki ( as well as here on the forum!

  • @MeghanCurry -

    First of all welcome to the Forum,

    Secondly, who has the Master's in Entomology, From my background in project funding, I love that name "Grub rising", It get's one's attention. Think 20 or even 30 years down the road. Don't let ignorant people come in your way. Sorry you need better friends, atleast some with more positive vision. They can't even overcome their Western "bug" prejudice. You need to do what you love. It will work out. Don't get any more consensus' from people who don't know more than you do.

    Partner with some restaurant's and chef's who are making insect dishes.

    Peace & Love to you.

  • edited May 2015

    Hello, my name is Karolis i am from Lithuania. i am thinking to open a BUG FARM here. Now i am studying yours all information. Maybe someone wants to chat with me in skype or facebook and help me with information? Sorry for my english language!

  • Newbie here. My name is Becker. I live in the states and have been reading up on cricket farming for the past 6 months and am extremely interested in learning more. I'd like to start my own farm as a WOB (woman owned business). I'm fascinated by the concept of cricket farming and want to learn more, but get overwhelmed by the lack of information that is provided on the web. Does anyone have any information you can provide in how to start a farming business for the states? Definitely interested in learning the licenses etc on what is needed too. Thanks.

  • Hi everyone. My name is Angus Jones and in live in Hamilton New Zealand. I am part of a team looking into setting up a insect farming operation. Just at the feasibility stage at the moment and working out how to get a commercial unit up and running, with the view to extending our product line as we go. Any advice is appreciated.

  • Hello everyone, my name is Eduardo Perez. I live in Davie, Florida, USA and I'm trying to integrate mealworms, BSFL and African Nightcrawlers worms for feeding laying hens and down to a minimum purchase of commercial organic feed that is so expensive; and get some organic fertilizer. Also we are growing Amaranthus, cajanus (pigeon pea) and purslane and others To have green grass. Mealworms play a more Important role in the colder months When the Natural Populations of BSF Become scarcer. This forum I feel fantastic and I have been of great benefit. All recommendations are welcome and am available for what I might be useful. Grateful for your attention.

  • @edepro53 -Welcome Eduardo!

  • Hi, andrew, thanks for the welcome. I would like to know if gringojay remains active in the forum. I made a consultation in recent days, but have had no reply yet. Surely you also could answer that query. Greetings and thanks again.

  • edited August 2015

    I'm considering taking the plunge into eating insects.... I already ate escargot once and found it yummy, so I suppose insects aren't too far of a leap from there. It would be good for my budget and for the planet, so, fortune favors the bold :-) I'm thinking of starting with isopods (wood lice) because I read they taste like shrimp, and shrimp is my favorite food other than mangoes. I'm doing research, but wondering if anyone knows offhand the best-tasting and/or largest isopods that could be purchased and farmed in a small space? Land isopods would be preferable, but I already have various fish tanks (including a 95 gal, 75 gal, and then various smaller) from my tropical fish hobby days that could be used for water isopods or even crayfish if they count as a 'bug' rather than an 'insect' in this forum. Thanks :-)

    I currently live in the fingerlakes region of NY but might move to north-east PA sometime soon. I have 1/3 acre here and will have at least 1/4 acre if I move, and may gradually upscale to selling isopods for food or raising if raising them just for myself goes well.

  • Hello everyone! I am so excited this forum exists. I am starting again with breeding mealworms, and may dabble around in acheta domestica a bit in the near future. I started breeding crickets 5 years ago and had a ton of success in doing so. If I had to estimate I had around 200,000 +/- in a very short time. This website is really inspiring me to start again. I mean I found it, so I must have had an interest!

    Glad to be hear!

  • @diecast welcome! Happy to have your experience added to the mix here and hope the community here can help you with some of your own questions!

  • @jenna_artist welcome to the forum, hope our knowledge base here can help you out, and we look forward to hearing about your own project and success / difficulties

  • Hello all. I'm new to the group but look forward to getting to know everyone virtually and maybe in person one day. I currently live in Atlanta, GA and grew up around the southeast of the US. I've been working in Information Technology for over 20 years. Started during the Windows 3.1, Novell, AS400, and Token Ring era :D

    Outside of work though I'm an avid fisherman, boater/kayaker, and have a passion for the outdoors. My family and I get in 2-4 camping trips per years. I'm a believer in conservation of the great outdoors. Something I pass on to my children and it could be a simple thing like picking up a plastic bottle laying on the ground on a hiking path to recycle later.

    I've been spending the last few months watching as many YouTube's about edible cricket farming. I'm new to this and have not started anything yet. Just researching and due diligence. What caught my attention was the idea of a small foot print but yield a tremendous amount of health benefits. I'd like to see where I can take this edible cricket farming idea by utilizing my technology background coupled with my passion for the great outdoors. I've seen and built some very green focused technology data centers before perhaps some of those same concepts can be applied to edible cricket farming. None of the less I'm excited about this whole idea and will be asking a ton of questions. Thanks you all.

  • welcome @33788 look forward to your questions and input!

  • Hey there! This is Harry from Cyprus. If you do not know wht Cyprus is, google it! We are a country for fucks sake ;p

    I am looking into creating a buggy farm for pet consumption since I have both fish and birds.

  • Welcome CypriotCockroach!

  • Greetings! My name is George and I am a small town newspaper owner/publisher and freelance writer based in the southern interior of British Columbia, Canada. I am just finishing writing an eBook on insect farming. It is a subject I have found extremely interesting in the short time I have been researching it. I am happy to see a community such as this online with some awesome sharing of ideas! Way to go, everyone!

  • I am here to learn about how to produce and eat insects and other little things for fun.

  • Hello All, My name is Cormac. I am a researcher from Ireland and I am interested in using insects as animal feed (porcine, avian and bovine). I am currently involved in research projects relating to food/feed safety. I am interested in mass producing insects as a sustainable feed source for animals. Any advice is warmly welcomed and I look forward to some great discussions. This is a fantastic resource, thank you. C.

  • @cornmacmcelhinney - welcome to the forum! look forward to your inquiries and insights!

  • Hi, I'm Brian from sunny Charleston, SC. I grew up around aquaculture and turkey farms! Some great in-site from the forum so far. Would like to see more on operations of farms/growers.

  • Hey everyone, i'm from Belgium (yes that very small country) and i work at a company who breeds the black soldier fly. Since december I started breeding locusts (Locusta migratoria migratorioides and Schistocerca gregaria) and it goes well :) I already have little migratorias and waiting for the eggs to hatch from the gregarias. I'm verry happy it went so well but if people have advice for me to help me with the locusts (things you think I really need to know about them) that would be helpfull!

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