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  • Hello. My name is Martha and I am a family physician, now turned full time hospice doctor. I've been in West Michigan most of my life, but I'm moving to Madison, WI in the next two weeks for a new job. But, I've been an organic/native gardener to support wild pollinators for many years. I began growing mealworms nearly a year ago to support my wild bird populations, since they depend on insects to raise their young, and the insect populations have been declining dramatically due to climate change and pesticide use, among other causes. So, I've been reading online about mealworm farming and the many possible uses. As an environmentalist, using insects to replace our current protein sources is very interesting to me, and I want to support any efforts to move in that direction.

  • @Docmon welcome to the forum, your experience and insight will be a great addition to our community here!

  • Hi, I'm Eric in Madison, Wisconsin--currently pursuing my MBA at the UW specializing in marketing and entrepreneurship. I've been pretty excited about the market potential for edible insects here in Madison and have been developing a business plan. I will also be at the Future Foods conference in Montreal.

    I've been ordering prepared insects (from Bitty, Exo, Hot Lix, Chapul, Don Bugito). But now I'm ready to do my own cooking and farming. Does anyone know of any local suppliers in or close to Madison I could use?

    I have the "Eat-a-Bug" book and it lists Timberline in Illinois as the closest spot. There's some expensive shipping with them though. I would like to find something as dependable but closer.

    If anyone has ideas, let me know!

  • I don't know of any commercial suppliers, but I have a rapidly expanding personal supply of mealworms that I'd be thrilled to make available to you. I'm moving to Madison over the next two weekends, and I'll be bringing my mealworms along. You could at least experiment with them. What kind of volume are you thinking you'll need?


  • @ericbescak you could also try these guys for crickets (Bug Co.) based in Minnesota although I'm not sure about their shipping policies.

  • Awesome, Martha. Welcome to Madison! Would be happy to take some mealworms. As many as you would like to spare. I'm pretty green with this sort of the thing. Does it make sense to say, "a cup of mealworms"?

    I will check ebug, Andrew. Thanks!

    Also I had brief chat with the Eat-A-Bug Cookbook guy on Twitter and he recommended just going to the pet store. So I went to Pet Smart today, and got 200 wax moth larvae. They're pretty small (nothing compared to what I see in the Don Bugito pics), but will try them tonight.

    I'm also hanging out with a beekeeper this weekend. I'll ask about getting some of his "drone combs" as recommended by Daniella Martin.

  • Hello everyone, my name is Michael Carlton. I come from Lancashire, in the UK. I live with my fiancé and two children. I work as a forklift truck driver for an international plastic moulding company.

    I am very new to the entomophagy world, I have not eaten insects as an adult (plenty of worms and spiders as a young child) so I'll admit after years of not eating insects I feel a little squeamish.

    My cousin and I saw a BBC documentary called "can eating insects save the world" and it has piqued our interest, not only in insect eating but also insect farming. I hope to find a wonderful community and some marvellous idea's. Thank you

  • @CarpeOccidionem - welcome aboard! We have a lot of information in the many discussions here, and please don't hesitate to throw out your own questions!

  • Hi everyone. My name is Joris from the Netherlands and I will be an intern with Tiny-Farms for the next weeks. I am exited about the openbugfarm project and expanding the platform for everyone to grow their own insects!

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    hi, i'm Galuh . i'm from Indonesia. i work as IT staff at rubber manufacturing. i interested in cricket as protein source. then i started cricket farming . soon i'll try produce for large scale edible insects.

  • @Guluh, you have a great climate there for it, you probably wouldn't need heat mats like we do in southern Australia.

  • @kerri yes we don't need heat mats. now the climate is dry and hot. maybe at rain season i need bulbs

  • @Galuh welcome to the forum and good luck with the new endeavor, we hope our combined resources here can be useful.

  • Hello everyone, greetings from Slovenia. My name is Domen and I study veterinary medicine. For exam we had to read an article about insect and entomofagy. At that poin I saw a great potential in growing insect, as for my consumption and as bussines. I belive that world will change the opinion about insect and when that happen, the demand will grow exponentionaly. That is why I thing that insect growing can or will be a good bussines. I am about to start with my first prototip – mealworm growing. I will test some different conditions(temperature, humidity and especially diet). On my faculty I will be able to test my product (procantage of protein, fat, fiber, vitamins, minerals...) and I hope my results will be helpfull for other members. Right now I am really exited about my project and insect. I have to thank you Tinyfarms community for all of the information. I am lookling forvard for succesfull colaboration. At this point I would like to ask you, something about legislation in EU. Is it difficult to acquire all permissions for breading bugs for human consumption?

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    Greetings all,

    My name is H. Luc Goyer and my day job is artist, but recently started an advertising/marketing shop here in Canada. I have long been into Entomophagy and finally decided to take the plunge and spend all my time working on Pixelstead which I will grow into a major contributor to the acceptance of eating bugs. Originally I wanted to be a farmer myself but decided instead I would be of better value to the community using my visual communication and journalism background to promote our collective cause.

    In the past I have bred the Giant East African land snail, hundreds of freshwater fish, as well as red worms and the common house cricket. I hope to leverage this experience to help create products to enable people to get involved, and am actively seeking out businesses and organizations involved in Entomophagy to collaborate with.

    Additionally I am interested in Permaculture design, aquaponics and alternative building technologies. All these topics fit together along with Entomophagy, and my end goal is to see positive changes world wide which find all these topics as common knowledge as opposed to where we sit now.

    I also enjoy providing insects as a natural unprocessed treat for my three cats.

    Nice to see such a great collection of like minded folk. I am very much looking forward to the future of this movement.

    H. Luc Goyer

  • Hi all!

    Greetings from the UK! I'm Matt, based in Bristol, and a systems biologist / biochemist who loves bugs :) We in the UK seem to be a little behind the times with the whole entomophagy thing so I'd be interested to know how many of us you already have as members..? Get in touch!

    It's great to see such a thriving community over here! I'll do my best to promote Open Bug Farm since I've just started a resource site of my own ( and you guys really have a wealth of knowledge over here.

    Keep up the good work and happy farming!

  • Greetings & Salutations,

    I am an entrepreneur and mechanical engineer from Northern California. My name is Fahad and after reading so many resources online and evaluating the market/demand along with looking at the 'future stars', I will be choosing insect farming as my next venture to promote a sustainable future. I get bored easily from monotony and lack of innovation and rather enjoy being on the edge. Besides this, I am a fitness enthusiast and host a podcast on iTunes which focuses on science, technology, business and comedy.

    The vast array of information on this forum is fantastic. Currently, I've been delving into cricket farming and eventually expanding into other insects as well.

    I look forward to conversing with several of you cool champs and putting pieces where necessary.

    Thank you and feel free to message me.

  • @fm88 - Fahad, welcome to the forum! We look forward to your questions and input.

  • Hi everyone,

    My name is Sara. I'm a Foodie, DIY:er, hacker of everything hackable, polymath and sustainability trailblazer. Been cooking with bugs on a hobby scale since 2005. Published a cookbook with bug recipes in 2008. Just getting started with mealworm farming. Looking forward to learning from and sharing with all of you! Will be trying the DIY farm kit soon.

    I live with my fiancé in an apartment in the beautiful country town of Skara, Sweden. I'm a world citizen, born in Brazil, raised in Italy and studied my uni degrees in Australia.

    Do any of you know any entomophagy groups or people in/from Sweden?

  • Hi all.

    I'm from Horsham in the UK and I've been eating in a paleo/primal way for a few years now after doing a lot of research into health and wellbeing. The nutrition that can be provided by insects seems amazing so I want to learn all about it and raise my own insects.

    Looking forward to sharing experiences here!

  • @ChrisYoungUK - welcome to the forum, we look forward to your input!

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    Hello, everyone. My name is Dean. I've been raising/eating insects for about five or six years, not counting any insects I was scolded for eating as a child. I found this forum through an acquaintance. I'm looking forward to exchanging ideas with all of you.

  • @dean Welcome! Great to have you here, and look forward to your input and perspective.

  • Hi - Lucas here in Barcelona.

    I've been really obsessed with this idea of doing an "insect and algae" home grow/eating experiment and documentary (think "Super Size Me" but super healthy bugs/greens).

    I've made films before, so that part is not a huge hurdle, but the cultivation of the quantity of bugs I need is really daunting. I figure I need .5-1kg per day of meal worms / crickets (I'd like to use simple/standard bugs for staples). With that in mind, I'm wondering if anyone here might be interested in the project?

    I have access to both urban and rural space, I have some resources, but I really don't want to find someone who is great at growing bugs to help with that part of it. Could be really fun and we'd end up with a pretty interesting film, I would imagine.

    Let me know if you're interested;)

    Thanks in advance, Lucas

  • Hi @lucasrockwood and welcome to the forum!

    I'm working with a small group starting up a collaborative bug farming project in Sweden. Though we will begin with a focus on insects and other "bugs" before considering algae. We will collaborate with an urban farm in the city of Gothenburg to produce mealworms for both fish feed and human consumption.

    Sweden has a similar challenge as spain in that it is illegal to sell insects as human food (cochineal, frogs and snails are legal, though), but perfectly OK to produce for your own needs.

    Is this of interest to you?

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    Hi everyone,

    My name is Simon and I live in Dewsbury, England. I want to raise my own mealworms and I'm currently building my own farm.

    I got into entomophagy after reading the U.N.F.A.O. report on edible insects. I can't remember why I ended up with the document but here I am. It seems obvious to me that insects should be a part of our diet but I can understand the problem of people's disgust as it's not 'normal' in our culture. I'm happy to be with the majority of the worlds population in thinking it's ok.

    My primary aim is to establish a healthy population of mealworms and harvest enough to provide myself with a nutritious snack. I want to try different flavourings. After that I'd like to try integrating the mealworms into other meals.

    I'm keeping track of my progress with a blog here

  • Hello, I’m Matt from Vancouver BC. I found this forum through a feature on Andrew in UBC alumni magazine delivered to my home but addressed to a previous tenant. I was working in the fitness industry when I decided to enroll in a holistic nutrition program. One night I had a dream about creating an insect-based food product that would sell around the world. Shortly after finishing my studies I quit my job and moved to Thailand because of this article

    I was derailed on my quest and returned home to take a job servicing computer networks and home automation systems. While I’ve made a 3-5 year commitment and I’m learning something new everyday, I don’t have the same passion for it that I do for health and well-being.

    I think nutrition, community and education are the three most important factors for overall health and I think entomophagy offers a “new” way to address all three. I’m more interested in building than growing: advocacy, education, product development and fundraising are what I’m looking to do (but totally open to other opportunities). I have a job that pays my bills. I’m sincerely looking to contribute to the world in a meaningful way.

    One of my personal visions for the world is a massive reduction in the wealth gap between nations. I understand that agriculture is historically the primary factor in growth, both physical and economic, and this field provides unique opportunities for developing nations. That’s what I want to be when I grow up.

    If anyone can identify a specific need they have, a problem to be solved or an opportunity to get involved, please let me know how I can help.

  • @Matt, welcome to the forum! Very interesting story :) How long did you stay in Thailand? And have you visited cricket farms there? Maybe you could share some of the things you saw there with us :)

    Great to have you here and have a nice day,


  • edited April 2015

    @Simon - welcome to the forum and love your blog describing your initial build! I hope it will be inspiring to more folks looking to introduce DIY automation to their setups.

    @Matt - welcome! glad that article led you here. I hope our community can help you find a path to be involved in the space!

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