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I thought I'd take a moment to quickly introduce myself! Maybe you can do the same below :)

I'm Daniel Imrie-Situnayake, one of the co-founders of Tiny Farms. I come from Birmingham, in the UK, but I live in California with my American wife, Amber.

My "day job" is software engineering - I write code to help a major financial company learn from their data. I'm excited to be applying the same techniques to help us learn more about insect farming.

I discovered the entomophagy world along with co-founders (and friends) Andrew and Jena when we were thinking about sustainable agriculture projects. The first bugs I cooked myself were waxworms, and they're still one of my favourites!

In the time since we got started, the edible bug scene has really started to take off. It's going to be great to see this community grow.


  • Hi my name is Jena Brentano. I'm an artist, web designer, and co-founder of Tiny Farms. I'm thrilled to be a part of Open Bug Farm and can't wait to watch this project evolve with your collaboration and input!
  • Hi All,

    I'm Andrew Brentano, fellow co-founder of Tiny Farms. Although my background is in tech, I love food. I love eating food and preparing food, and growing food. It's extremely exciting now, building Tiny Farms, to have found a way to positively contribute to the global food production system.

    I'm looking forward to getting to know fellow enthusiasts and entrepreneurs who join this community and I can't wait to see where this project goes with everyone's input!
  • Hey hey! I'm Josh Williams, one of the organizers at the hackerspace All Hands Active in Ann Arbor, MI. Aside from that I do loads of workshops with young adults to get tools in their hands and making on their minds.

    I have never voluntarily eaten a bug, but I'm hosting a small insect tasting this weekend at our hackerspace. I am hoping to expand that experience by getting our space and possibly schools involved with the Tiny Farms Open Bug project. I've been pleasantly surprised by my Wife's encouragement : )

    Thanks so much for starting this project and community, I'm excited to see where it can go!

    - Josh W.
  • Hey folks, Robert Nathan Allen with Little Herds here. We're a nonprofit in Austin Texas promoting entomophagy through education and by connecting businesses and individuals interested in eating bugs. My day job is ad sales, but I first got into entomophagy through the restaurant industry. We're proud to be working with many of the businesses and groups in the ento-community to help put this idea in front of as many people as possible. Glad to be a part of this Dan, can't wait to see what comes of it!
  • Hey everyone,
    I'm Brian and I'm interested in raising insects for personal consumption. I'm also interested in the legal side of raising insects for human consumption, but am having great trouble finding much information about this subject. I hope this community grows and I think we will all be able to be of benefit to one another.
    Thanks for the site and new forum
  • Hello from Finland to all my fellow bug enthusiasts!

    My name is Juho and during this fall/winter I have been getting more and more into entomophagy. I have been thinking of starting my own business related to edible bugs but I currently do not have any kind of business plan or anything, just a burning passion. I'm hoping to study food sciences in University of Helsinki (if and WHEN I totally ace my entrance examination!) and I'm going to construct my studies around entomophagy. I'm excited to see that there is a community for us and I'm sure that we can achieve great thing and that with our collaborative effort we will!
  • It's really great to meet some new faces (and say hello to some old ones :)

    Thank you all for joining; I'm looking forward to us working together to build something really cool.

    Keep them coming!!
  • Greetings from Seattle WA! My name is Michael. I grew up on a small farm in Eastern Washington raising: swine, rabbits, sheep, goats (both dairy & meat) and assorted poultry. I currently live in the city & am very interested in raising fresh sustainable meat in such limited space. Also would like to explore entomophagy and help people get past the "novelty" of eating insects. I am currently building a small mealworm setup as my 1st project in this field. Good to meet you all. Excited to see where this group goes :)
  • edited December 2013
    Hey Michael, great to meet you! Feel free to share any details of your mealworm setup if you think it would be interesting to people :) What sort of scale are you aiming for?
  • Hi, I'm Paul, sometimes known as 'Jam', and I'm in Birmingham in the UK, so hello to Daniel from your hometown!

    I'm basically just curious about farming edible insects, and may be interested in doing it in the future (probably to the disapproval of my girlfriend!)
  • Hi Paul, that's awesome; we now know of at least three insect farming people from Birmingham. Glad to have you on board!
  • Hello from Portugal. My name`s Vitor. I started interesting in entomology a few time ago and I want to learn more about insect farming to create my own business ... Here in Portugal I do not know anyone who is working on these issues. I find information off people working in Netherlands, Spain and England, Brasil and YOU...I've read all documentation on FAO and searched a lot on the internet but now i feel the need for some guidance. (My area is psychology...) My idea is to start an experiment with mealworms and crickets but i need some ideas of how to make it (what they eat, what kind of boxes, temperatures etc ...) and a company in europe where can order the insects and they send to Portugal. I am very excited about this openbug project !?
  • Hi Vitor, welcome! We've heard from a few folks interested in getting involved growing insects in Portugal. We look forward to helping you get started as this project develops!
  • mspmsp
    edited December 2013
    Hello everyone,
    I am Arsi and I live in Finland. About two years ago I saw short clip about entomophagy on TV. Since then I have been reading more about entomophagy and been trying to gather more people to form an association which aims to raise awareness and to help changing the laws which now makes it illegal to sell insects to a human consumption (in EU). Now I have just Facebook site ( Two weeks ago I kept my first lecture about entomophagy on university where I study. I also try grow insects but I'm not so good with it yet.
  • Welcome Arsi! It's great to hear about your advocacy work, which is extremely important to help get a vibrant edible insect industry off the ground! We look forward to your input here on the forum and hope the information here will help you with your own insect farming.
  • Hey Everyone!
    We're with World Ento, the leading edible insect provider in the US.
    We strive to provide the only safe, sustainable, and regulated edible insect supply for food entrepreneurs, chefs, and adventurous eaters. If you want bugs on your menu, we make it happen.
  • World Ento Team, Great to have your input here on the Forum. Look forward to the insights you can share, particularly on the food safety/regulatory front where you guys probably have the most experience!
  • Call me Mr. Darling. Residing in the infamus Flint MI. I have little experiance so far in insect farming. Though my jerney is still young, the wile hath I taken with conviction. For alas I find a labor that I believe is nobell, within powers attainable, and pleasurable. This must be my lifes carreer. I plead to ye, nobell comrades of this dream aid me and I will aid ye, and together we can be a vital peice in a greater future for Human kind!
  • hey everyone, I'm Abe from

    My family and I live off the grid in Mexico, where we test and develop strategies for efficient food production and modern homesteading. We have been following the concept of farming insects for a long time. We regularly eat insects as well as provide our livestock (poultry and pigs) with insects, too. Our interest is in the integration of insects in the waste streams of organic livestock systems.

    Currently, we raise black soldier flies and earthworms on livestock manures. We feed both of these regularly to our livestock. We would like to branch out from these species to others that can integrate well with our current waste streams.

    We're glad to have found this resource, and we hope to learn a lot about sustainable food production!
  • Hi! Lissa Jo in northern Alabama. I am very interested in growing insects. I would like to start small and grow a farm into a viable supply business. I am thinking of it as a "retirement" job. My day job is as a Phlebotomist...which carries its own "ick" factor, so bugs don't bug me in the least! I am really excited to be learning more and especially looking forward to your inclusive kit to become available. Have eaten bugs in Central America and Mexico. Looking forward to raising some of my own and trying out some recipe ideas I have. Great forum ya have here. Thanks!
  • Hey Lissa, great to meet you! We're looking forward to helping you start :)
  • Hello everyone! I live in Providence RI and have been active in entomophagy for a long time. It's wonderful to see the growth of involvement in this subject, and I hope to contribute as much as possible.
  • Welcome to the forum, @DaveGracer! You've contributed a huge amount towards the entomophagy movement, and we're proud to have you part of our community :)
  • Hello, my name is Heather Sayyah. I live in Southeast Georgia and am the mother of 3 girls. I am interested in Mealworm farming. And in entomophagy as a replacement for traditional meats as a protein source. I tested mealworms and crickets from World Ento and was sold on the idea. I am very interested in the open farm kits. I am looking towards affordable ways of raising mealworms and inventive ways to prepare them. I am doing independent research on the subject until I graduate from college, at which point I plan to put my plan into action.
  • So where do I get a kit?
  • Hey Heather, welcome to the community! There are two ways to obtain a kit. The first is to build your own, with the plans we'll be releasing over the next month or so. The second is to buy one ready-to-go; they'll be on sale shortly after that! We'll keep you updated as plans & kits become available. For now, we're gradually getting farming info onto our wiki, at
  • Hi, I'm Kerri. I'm an Aussie. I'm one of those (many) artists who got her art degrees, but now it's just a part of me along with my employment as a Peer Support Worker in mental health. That means that after travelling a hard road myself, I now use my experiences to help others to live a fulfilling and productive life. I adore breeding bugs as I am an animal activist and detest seeing cows and sheep exported or/and slaughtered in terrifying conditions. I've started with meal worms and crickets but cannot wait to try out some more exotic types. (ps, love this intro section as it helps me to know the people behind the chat) $-)
  • @kerri thanks for your intro and background, and it's great having your involvement here!
  • Hi to all, my name is Allan and I am from Brazil, but I came to Portugal 5 years ago to study.
    I am a biologist with a PhD in Marine and Environmental Research, and I am interested to raise insects to eat and to sell.

    @vitaminas we both are in the same country and with similar interests, maybe we could cooperate somehow. You can send me a message here if you are interested. By the way, I live in Porto.
  • Very cool! Do you know anything about entomophagy in Brazil?
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