Should vegetarians/vegans eat insects?

I wrote an article recently about eating insects and whether vegetarians/vegans should be eating them.

There have been articles published about the environmental benefits of replacing insects and meat for insects. I got varying responses and many questions about the sentience of insects. What do you guys think?


  • If your guidelines don’t permit you to eat meat, then even if it’s invertebrate meat (insects) it still wouldn’t count. As for whether you should do it, I‘d probably say yes, because farming insects is much easier and environmentally friendly while not being on an animal that could perceive pain as we would. They would respond to pain, but as for if it is moral to farm insects, I‘d say it’s much more moral than relatively intelligent farm animals, especially if the insects are freezed instead of butchered. Still though is it moral to exploit these animals for consumption when they are bred by us? Insects are pretty dumb, and so are plants, so I don’t see a problem with farming insects as food. Feel free to call me a horrid person wanting the suffering of poor animals, but I am willing to hear you out anyway.

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