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insect farming noob in Uruguay

hi all, im really new to the whole idea of insects farming, i really like it. i have a plot of land which i live in urugauy with very good soil and a lot of space (50000sqm) please give me some recommendation about which insects will be the best to raise for eat here in urugauy. and what could be the most energy efficient**** ways to do so. thanks for the helpers



  • Hi proger, - Since wheat grows in Uruguay the wheat bran (salvado) is probably easy to get & that means yellow mealworm Tenebrio molitor should be cheap to feed. Your temperature does not get too hot for them & you don't get freezing nights, so they might grow slow sometimes but not die.

    Your climate is good for carrots (larvae like them) & radishes (breeding adult beetles like them), plus it seems you have some good soil. So you can add these vegetables to the wheat bran & then don't need anything more for continuous production.

    I don't raise other insects now so won't try to tell you how easy/cheap they are to keep producing in contrast to mealworms. There is a search box at the right & you can find lots of mealworm discussions; OpenBugFarm also has do-it-yourself mealworm design information.

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