Feasibility of Farms Harvesting Insects

Is it profitable for crop farms, like corn, to pay the extra labour to gather grasshoppers, instead of using pesticide and other methods? What are grasshopper prices and how quickly can they be gathered? Are other insect pests besides grasshoppers also profitable to gather?



  • "Commercialization of Ruspolia nitidula (nsenene grasshoppers) in Central Uganda"; by Agea, et al. first published by African Journal of Food, Agriculture, Nutrition and Development,Vol. 8, No. 3 in 2008 available on-line as free full pdf (various sources) ... Ugandan retail price in 2008 US$ = $2.80/Kg in capitol.

    I doubt wild harvesting grasshoppers would be economically profitable in the "developed" countries where labor wages are high & commercial farming successful. The wild collection period would not be constant & the laborers you would need might have other options; if relied on migrant workers there are lots of competition & conveniences to deal with.

  • @roobee another note on wild harvested insects in the US - the FDA has explicitly forbidden the sale of "wildcrafted" insects as food (i.e. collected from wild)

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